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Our consultants are guided by veterans of the industry. Each of our practice leads have over 15 years of hands-on SAP experience. Average experience of our consultants in IT is 20+ years and 8+ years in SAP. In addition, the vision of our company is igniting the passion for success in each individual. 

Our consultants help our clients address challenges specific to their industry and business process needs. These consultants are Business Process Experts who share business process best practices.

  • Our consultants listen and understand our clients' needs. 
  • Our consultants offer services that meet our clients' unique business needs and make IT work!
  • We foster independence and innovation with mutual respect. Our consultant base is derived from a global pool of talent and usually our management team has had a previous professional relationship with every consultant. 

We provide value networks where our clients and consultants work together towards addressing specific industry needs to drive efficiencies out of their SAP systems. 

Currently, our SAP experts are helping clients in public and private sectors including High Tech (Business, Medical, and Consumer OEMs, EMS Providers, Semiconductor and Component Manufacturers, Software Providers), Manufacturing (Industrial Machinery & Components), services, Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Device/Scientific Instruments), Higher Education & Research, Insurance, Public Sector and Retail.

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